Open Cinema welcomes support from organisations and individuals who wish to help us connect homeless and excluded people with culture and opportunity, so as to renew their capabilities and quality of life.

When donating, inform us via Paypal or via which programme - a particular community cinema or filmmaking programme, you wish to support.

You can make a financial donation of any size via our secure Paypal account, or with a credit card (both via the Donate button below), or by sending a cheque to the Open Cinema North office at Sawmill Lane, Helmsley, York YO62 5DQ, Great Britain

If you'd like to speak to us about making a donation, please contact CEO and founder Christoph Warrack directly on:
+44 (0)1439 770 565  or email

To donate your time and/or your talents please visit our volunteers page.

Open Cinema
is incorporated in its articles of association as a non-profit social business, and registered in England as a company limited by guarantee. Co. No. 06939528. For further information on our work please contact us for a detailed and highly readable information pack.

We greatly appreciate your support.